EXPRESS DETAIL: Hand wash & dry,clean door jambs and gas tank opening.Clean windows. Clean rims. Clean and dress tires.
                                    Application of carnuba wax by hand.
                                    $45.00 ( Includes all cars and SUV's. Full size trucks slightly higher.)

FULL DETAIL     : Express  Detail, plus clay bar application to remove road contaminants, light scratch and paint
                             correction ( polishing)
                             $85.00 (Includes all cars. SUV's and Full size trucks slightly higher)

EXPRESS DETAIL:Vacuum all interior surfaces. Clean cup holders. Clean/Condition/Dress all appropriate surfaces. Clean windows.
                                   $45.00 ( includes all cars. SUV's and full size trucks slightly higher )

FULL DETAIL         : Express Detail, plus steam clean all interior surfaces, including all vents.
                                   $80.00 Includes all cars ( SUV's and full size trucks slightly higher )

Optimum  Gloss Coat clear coat protection          $ 425.00
Glass Coating                                                           $   50.00
Headlight Restoration                                              $    65.00
Paint correction / oxidation removal (compounding) starting at                $ 225.00
Wheel wax( set of 4 )                   $ 100.00
Odor removal start                      $   45.00

Please ask about our winter protection package, and our lease return prep package